Walmart Blasted for Peddling Virulently Anti-Semitic Books

Anti-Semitic Book sold by Walmart.

Jewish civil rights group demands Walmart stop selling books promoting Holocaust revisionism.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has called on Walmart to remove from its website books that promote Holocaust revisionism and claim Jews are “pernicious, conniving,
shifty liars” who incite war, The Jewish Chronicle reported on Tuesday.

A number of books by an author named Thomas Dalton are available for sale on the retailer’s website, including “Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides”, as
well as “Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism Through the Ages”;
and “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars”.

According to his website, Dalton is a “professor of humanities at a major American university” who has “also conducted extensive research on historical and contemporary Jewish relations.”

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Thomas Dalton could also be a pseudonym.

The books were previously removed from sale by Amazon in February following criticism, The Jewish Chronicle noted.

“Thomas Dalton’s books are wildly anti-Semitic and have no historical significance, so it
is shocking that Walmart is stocking and making these titles available online,” an ADL spokesperson said. “Amazon recently made the right and responsible decision to discontinue the sale of certain neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic titles in its online bookstore.
We hope that Walmart will follow suit.”

The books were published by Castle Hill Publishing, which was established by Germar Rudolf, who served jail time in Germany for Holocaust denial.

In Debating the Holocaust, Dalton said he believed “revisionists have a very strong case.” He explained, “Their argumentation is solid, their sources are well-substantiated, and
their research is of a high caliber… overall, the bulk of their arguments point to one
general conclusion: that the traditional Holocaust story is significantly flawed.”

Walmart is currently selling the book in German.

The synopsis for Eternal Strangers says: “Jews are seen as pernicious, conniving, shifty liars; they harbor a deep-seated hatred of humanity; they are at once foolish and arrogant; they are socially disruptive and rebellious; they are ruthless exploiters and parasites; they are master criminals — the list goes on.”

“The persistence of such comments is remarkable and strongly suggests that the cause
for such animosity resides in the Jews themselves — in their attitudes, their values, their ethnic traits and their beliefs.”

Dalton also wrote in The Jewish Hand in the World Wars that Jews throughout history have “played an exceptionally active role in promoting and inciting war” and that “with their long-notorious influence in government, we find recurrent instances of Jews promoting hardline stances, being uncompromising, and actively inciting people to hatred.”



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