WATCH: IDF Unveils ‘Iron Dome of the Seas’


WATCH: IDF Unveils ‘Iron Dome of the Seas’

Written by Jesse Lempel/TPS on May 18, 2016

Jerusalem (TPS) – The IDF offered a glimpse on Wednesday of the so-called “Iron Dome of the Seas” – a new maritime missile-defense system modeled after the highly successful Iron Dome, which has intercepted thousands of rockets fired at Israel by Hamas from the Gaza Strip in recent years.

The new missile-defense system, called Tamir Adir, conducted a successful interception at sea, the IDF announced on Wednesday. The incredible footage released by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit shows the defense system mounted on an Israel Navy vessel, targeting an incoming missile and blasting it out of the sky.

The Tamir Adir, which literally means “hidden and mighty,” fires a targeted Tamir interception missile, just like the Iron Dome.

The “Iron Dome of the Seas” joins Israel’s “underground Iron Dome” – still in development – designed to counter the threat of Hamas terror tunnels infiltrating Israel from Gaza.

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