Water Authority Hopes for Another Rainy Week

Snow piles up on the Hermon this week. (Hermon Site)

Water Authority Hopes for Another Rainy Week


YERUSHALAYIM – The Water Authority expressed hope on Thursday that the rainy winter system will return next week and add more water to agricultural areas, streams, reservoirs and aquifers, and to the Kinneret.Following measurements of a 5.5-centimeter (over 2 inches) rise in the lake’s water level on Wednesday, a statement by the authority said, “There are still good flows of water in the streams to the Jordan and the Sea of Galilee.”

The Water Authority said Thursday that since the beginning of the week, the Kinneret’s level has risen by 25 cm (10 inches), and that from the beginning of the rainy season the water level rose by 47.5 cm (19 inches).

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Snowbound chair lifts on Mount Hermon. (Hermon Site)

The level in the Kinneret is still 1.185 meters (47 inches) below the lower red line, and only 68.5 cm (27 inches) above the black line.

Altogether, the Kinneret is still 5.385 meters (17 ft- 8 inches) short of being full.


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