Home News Media WeR1 feat: Gad Elbaz, Refael Mirila, Alliel, Describe and Nissim

WeR1 feat: Gad Elbaz, Refael Mirila, Alliel, Describe and Nissim

WeR1 feat: Gad Elbaz, Refael Mirila, Alliel, Describe and Nissim

WeR1 feat: Gad Elbaz, Refael Mirila, Alliel, Describe and Nissim

We may not all look the same, live in the same place or engage in the same level of religious observance, but deep down inside, the Jewish nation shares a common bond that unites us, that transcends distance and breaks boundaries. WeR1 shatters the differences that divide us, focusing on the unshakeable connection shared by members of the Jewish nation all across the globe.

“So many choose to focus on what sets people apart, but the truth is that our commonalities are far greater than our differences,” observed director Daniel Finkelman.

WeR1 follows the story of two characters who could be every man or every woman. Located in Israel and New York each leads a vastly different life, yet feels an inexorable pull that drives them ever higher, an unidentified longing for something indefinable but exalted. Set against a backdrop of music performed by Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz, Australian singer songwriter DeScribe, American rapper Nissim, French singer Israel Alliel, and British performer Refael Mirila, WeR1 is journey to the highest heights, attainable only through unity.

Bringing together a significant talent pool that includes film production by Daniel Finkelman and Elan Cohen, and music and lyrics by Los Angeles platinum songwriter and producer DK Benjamin, WeR1 is an inspiring musical triumph that takes viewers on a journey from London to Lyon to Tel Aviv and New York. Filling the heart and warming the soul, WeR1, a project of Kesher Yehudi – an organization which bridges the gap between secular and religious Jews – is a reminder to us all that now, as always, we are truly one nation with one heart.

Directed by Daniel Finkelman

Produced by Elan Cohen and Daniel Finkelman

Co Directed by Aharon Orian


Gad Elbaz
Refael Mirila
Nissim Black

Music Producer – Dk Benjamin

Co Producer – Anita Koren

Co Producer – Zvika Bornstein

Executive Producer – Chesky Kauftheil

Executive Producer – The LeVian family

Co Executive Producer – Paris Popack

Executive Producer – BJX

Co Executive Producer
Dovi and Avi Faivish – The Bar Mitzvah Fund

Co Executive Producer
Jonathan and Charlene Aminoff

Associate Producer – CJ Gruner

Edited by – David Orian

Story Concept – Alexander Perlman

PR and Artist Management
Shlomi Cohen, ZOAB entertainment


Co Directed and Produced by – Aharon Orian
Director of Photography – David Orian
AC – Naor Lev
Associate Producer – David Ort
Steadicam Operator – Nir Bar
Drone Operator – Tal Chaim
Production Assistant – Mendy Cohen
Hair and Makeup Artist – Moran Fridner
Actor – Yoni Yefet
Set Photography – Meir Lavi


Co directed by – Ben Anderson & Sawyer Purman
Director of Photography – Sawyer Purman
Line Producer – Jessica Bookout
AD – Ben Klein
Production Assistant – Weigang Song
Production Assistant – Nick Catucci
Gaffer – Cody Powers
Key Grip – Ivannoff Santos
AC – Rolf Taylor
Grip – Meon Krishnanan
Set Photographer – Matthew Gilbertson
Hair and Makeup Artist – Marie Cruz
Actor – Ben Lemer
Catering – Lou G. Siegel


Director of Photography – Leandra Arjona-Jacobi


Produced by – Aharon Orian
Co Directed by – David Orian
Director of Photography – Alon Lutsky
Actress – Mathilde Dhont
Camera Equipment – Glikson
Special Thanks to – Chalom Azoulay

Special Thanks:

Esther Wein
Tzili Schneider
Shmuel Koren
Linda & Herzel Kashimallak
Lobat & Allen Hakim
Arun & Sharleen Bassalali
Rubin & Cecelia Margules, Charitable Trust
Adam Margules
Kayla, Jake, Lana, & Ella
Shalom & Victoria Zirkiev
Avi Faivish – Bar Mitzvah fund
Yitzchak Shem Tov
Royce Brown
Mauricio Arenas
Morty Silber
Oren Imanuel
Rabbi Yitzchak Fingerer
Rabbi Moshe Fingerer
Taylor Zito

Music and Lyrics Composition – DK Benjamin
Music Producer – DK Benjamin
Vocal Producer – Elan Cohen
Rap Lyrics – Nissim
Mastering Engineer – UE Nastasi

To contact Kesher Yehudi, visit: http: / /www.http://kesher-yehudi.com, or – www.Facebook.com/5tkesheryehudi

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