Home News Israel White House official: ‘After election, Biden can tell Israel no’ (Video)

White House official: ‘After election, Biden can tell Israel no’ (Video)

White House official: ‘After election, Biden can tell Israel no’ (Video)

Cyber policy advisor Sterlin Waters says administration has to worry about ‘powerful Jewish influences’ before the November elections, but once reelected will be free to turn against Israel over the war with Hamas.

A White House official on the National Security Council said that the Biden Administration would have greater freedom to turn against Israel after the presidential election in November when it will no longer have to worry about “powerful Jewish influences.”

Cyber policy advisor Sterlin Waters told a Project Veritas reporter that the administration will be able to tell Israel, “You’re not going to continue to lie and bomb and kill all these kids without facing serious consequences. But that is a second-term decision, not a first-term.”

“If Biden won again he could be much more forthright about saying ‘No’ [to Israel],” Waters said.

According to Waters, US President Joe Biden is unable to voice his true opinions on Israel’s conduct in the ongoing war due to electoral considerations, and if he did he would lose enough support “that we can’t get 270 electoral votes.”

He added, “I was going to say that there’s a huge Jewish, powerful Jewish influence in both Republican and Democratic politics. And the administration is definitely facing a conundrum, siding with or being as active as some of the more progressive Democratic liberal factions and parties and losing Jewish [support], having the powers that be placate the Biden Administration as antisemitic and losing the next administration because of that.”

“To really point out that Israel has so much more power in this situation… there’s the media and powerful people who can twist that to say, ‘Oh, we’ve been ostracized for so long and now even the US…is against us,’ to play like, a martyr. We would lose,” he said.

Source: Arutz 7


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