Wow! Ohad, Lemmer, Roth, Abramson, & Israeli Philharmonic orchestra


TEL AVIV- In the cultural center in Tel Aviv there was a very special, sold out concert. Under the context of arranging an ensemble of Israeli Chazzanim from the past “Yovel”, the Israeli Philharmonic orchestra performed for the first time ever-the best of R’ Shlomo Carlebach‘s songs. Songs like “Haneshama Lach”, “Lecha Dodi”, “Mimkomcha”, “Im Eshkacheich”, “Gam Ki Eilech”, and more, have become staple content in the Chassidic musical world. Combining those songs with the best singers like Ohad Moskowitz, Avremi Roth, together with Shai Abramson, Chief Chazzan of the IDF, Yanky Lemmer from New York, and Yitzchak Meir, made for one unforgettable performance. The singers were accompanied all night by the “Yovel” and “Zimrat Kah” choirs, and conducted by Maestro Dr. Mordechai Sobol.

Musical Production: Ofir Sobol
Photos: Yonatan Fadida

Cortesy of Gruntig & Jewish Insight

Photo Credit: Yonatan Fadida
Photo Credit: Yonatan Fadida

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