Yavneh Announces Community Weight Loss Competition – “Bod for G-d”


Are you ready for the ultimate weight loss competition? The Torah teaches us that we ought to “shmor meod es nafshoseichem”. This imperative teaches us to guard our body and soul. Sign up now to join our “Bod for G-d” challenge. Compete against other excited contestants looking to lose percentage body weight.

Entry fee $200 per person. Grand prize of 70% going to the winner. %30 going to 2nd place. %10 of all entrees (taken at the top) given as tzedakah to Yavneh.

 This is a going to be an amazing program with one amazing caveat: Each contestant must complete 4 mesechtos of mishnayos. Torah U’Gedola B’Makom Echad! Torah and greatness in one spot!

 This competition will last approximately for 2 months from our announced start date (tentatively this coming Sunday, April 27).

 Who is eligible?

All Males above the age of 16.

 This program will be a fully integrated program with inspirational talks from a Dietitian, specially designed Shul Kiddushes, and group workouts with an award winning Trainer.

 If you would like to join this program please email  Rabbi Einhorn  –rabbieinhorn@gmail.com

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