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Yom Haatzmaut 2014 @Yavneh-(Photos)

Yom Haatzmaut 2014 @Yavneh-(Photos)

You can see, taste and even smell Israel as you entered Yeshivat Yavneh through a huge arch of blue and white balloons. Every child received a beautiful Yom Ha’azmaut t-shirt and flag. Entire classrooms were transformed in order to bring Israel to life. One classroom became a Kibbutz where the children got to experience life on Kibbutz Yavneh. They made their own jar of pickles, ate borekas, hard boiled eggs and zeytim (olives) and even got to see animals. Another room became the Beit Hamikdash where the students had the opportunity to perform Mitzvat Bekorim, the mitzvah of giving the first fruits of the harvest to a Kohen. The students learned that this is because we are thanking Hashem for the wonderful ground that he gave us. They then entered Shuk Machne Yehuda where they were given 20 shekels to buy shawarma, rugelach and watermelon. There was lots of flag waving and dancing to Israeli music. The ECC had their own celebration filled with flag decorating and lots of dancing. The lunch room was decorated from head to toe with lots of fun things we associate Israel with; the latest technology, Tnuva and of course Bamba and Bissli. For hot lunch they even served falafel, pita, chummus and israeli salad…YUM!

We are all so very proud to be at a school that instills the importance of Ahavat Israel in our children. May our children and our childrens children feel that same passion and love for Israel for generations to come. A huge yasher koach to the Ivrit department and the Bat Ami Shani Yismach Moshe Miriam Botwinik for putting this together. Happy 66th…We love you Israel Am Israel Chai!


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