Zimra Choir Sings Shema Kolainu At Refuah V’Chesed


The Zimra Choir performing Live “Shema Koleinu” at the annual Refuah Vchesed Dinner on May 19 2015. Song Composed by R’ Moshe Goldman, Soloist: Motty Rosenfeld & Bentzion Weberman.

Over 1000 people enjoyed an evening of inspiration and entertainment in support of Refuah V’Chesed, an organization that provides guidance, emotional and physical support for patients and their families in time of need.

About Refuah V’Chesed

Lately rebranded as the “Montreal Centre for Health and Care,” the volunteer based organization provides many medical, hospitality and transport services to patients and their families (a list of the services can be found at the end of the article). Refuah V’Chesed has received over 40,000 calls over the last year. The organization is directed by a board of prestigious people and a medical advisory board. The medical guidance and support is led by Aaron Schmelczer and Aron Friedlander, who have decades of experience in the medical field, and the Director of Development is Avraham Apter.

Most of the dinner’s attendees hailed from Montreal’s Chassidic communities but there was also a healthy contingency of doctors and medical experts from across Montreal and the surrounding area. Free copies of a special printing of Mishnayos Avos (“ethics of our fathers”) was handed out as community members took their seats for a three course meal and entertainment provided by the Zimra choir.


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