ZOA West Condemns Senator Feinstein’s Statement on Iran

While arguing on the Senate floor against the  Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act (S.1881)  –the bipartisan bill that would increase sanctions on Iran if this round of diplomacy fails– Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said, “we cannot let Israel determine when and where the United States goes to war.” This statement is deeply offensive and plays on traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes that the U.S. is beholden to Israel. It is something you would expect to hear from Stephen Walt or Pat Buchanan, not a supposed friend of Israel.
As the RJC noted, “The ‘provision’ of S. 1881 that Feinstein points to is carefully crafted and subject to a special additional provision making it clear that it does not provide an authorization for war in any contingency. Moreover the language of the provision Senator Feinstein cited is identical to language contained in S. Res. 65, which passed the Senate unanimously – and which Senator Feinstein cosponsored!”
It is distressing that Senator Feinstein does not support this common sense bill that would keep the pressure on a regime that has threatened the annihilation of Israel numerous times. It is more so that while arguing for her strong opposition to the bill she uses such incendiary language about America’s best friend in the world, and our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Like many critics, Senator Feinstein believes this bill will increase the likelihood of war. But that is foolish, and counter to experience. We know from history that the best way to prevent evil is to confront it. The irony is that in the absence of any serious pressure on Iran, or a credible military threat, the chances of war increases. The Ayatollah’s only understand strength.

We encourage you to contact Senator Feinstein to urge her to apologize for this shameful language. Also, please urge her to reconsider her opposition to the Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act. Please Contact Dianne Feinstein’s D.C. Office Here: (202) 224-3841

Sam Levine
Executive Director, ZOA West Coast

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