27 Cities in This Country Have Streets Named ‘Jerusalem Capital of Israel’

One of 27 streets in Guatemala named “Jerusalem the Capital of Israel.”

Central American country recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in a revolutionary way!

There is no doubt that the people of Guatemala have developed a special relationship with Israel. The Jewish state has played a huge role in helping the third world country develop its economy by providing humanitarian aid, disaster relief, clean water resources, agricultural training, medicine, and technological know-how.

The goodwill of the Guatemalans towards Israel is also reinforced by the fact that more than 50% of its population is Evangelical.

In turn, the Guatemalans have been a reliable friend. In addition to being a staunch ally of the Jewish State in the UN (they vote against almost all anti-Israel resolutions), on May 16, 2018 they became only the second country to move their embassy to Jerusalem after the US (who had done so only two days prior).

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Being the second country to recognize the Holy City as Israel’s rightful capital was big news in itself, but now the Guatemalans have taken it to the next level, not just merely recognizing the truth but proclaiming it loudly for all to hear!

In an unprecedented move, 27 cities in the country have officially named a street in their municipality as “Jerusalem the Capital of Israel,” including Guatemala City (the country’s capital).

Matanya Cohen, Israel’s Ambassador to Guatemala, believes that by next summer, 34 cities (10% of all cities in the country) will have a street bearing this name.

While Guatemala is the first country to take this initiative, Israel’s ambassadors in several countries are hopeful others will follow in their footsteps.

(United with Israel).


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