A Single Torah Class Was Viewed 1 Million Times


July 28, 2019

A lecture by renowned Rabbi Manis Friedman recently reached a record number on YouTube, making it first time a single Shiur Torah was viewed 1 million times. See Video Below…

Office of Rabbi Manis Friedman:

The Rebbe taught us that G-d created us to actualize His burning desire to be with us together in this world. Since Torah is the cosmic, global force that will make it happen, we have been working with a sense of urgency to share the Torah and make it accessible to the widest possible audiences. From Torah-on-the-line phone programs to satellite Farbrengens, we have been made it our business to stay abreast of the newest means and methods of teaching Torah and reaching Jews.

Then came the internet. The internet has brought human communication to such an extraordinary level that things that were never possible before are now barely an inconvenience.

The internet is the greatest leap forward that ever happened to the promulgation Torah learning. Lectures and classes that were reaching tens and maybe hundreds of students are reaching exponentially more.

With our social network we can share information on a whole new scale, it is the best tool for bringing about Yeshayahu’s nevuah: “the land shall be full of knowledge of Hashem as water covers the sea bed.”

We would like to introduce you to the online talks of Rabbi Manis Friedman. Recently, a Torah class by Rabbi Manis Friedman was viewed one million times on YouTube. It is the first time ever that a single Shiur Torah was listened to by one million people.

Every single day, the office of Rabbi Manis Friedman posts new videos on two YouTube Channels. The videos are pure Torah and Chassidus for all. There’s the “Rabbi Manis Friedman” channel, and for those who are more familiar with Torah and Chassidus there is the “11213org” channel. Every day there is a brand-new video waiting just for you on both channels!

From Hollywood stars who almost forgot they were Jewish; to tribesmen in the hills of New Guinea; to ultra-orthodox Jews in the heart of Lakewood; the audience is growing by the hour.

The internet is indeed unprecedented, and using it, unprecedented holiness has been brought to the world. One need only read the comments after any video to see the miracles of Torah and Chassidus, and how a drop of Chassidus in a five-minute YouTube video brings light to a person and transforms their world.

Hopefully, the success of Rabbi Manis and others doing the same will inspire others to follow suit and use the internet and social media for their true purpose: to fill the world with the knowledge of G-d like water covers the sea bed.

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