Agudath Israel Statement on Antisemitic Student Commencement Address at CUNY Law School


Agudath Israel of America is outraged by the antisemitic commencement address given at the CUNY Law School graduation. The use of a commencement speech on May 12 at the City University of New York (CUNY) Law School to deliver a wild tirade against Israel was an ugly example of the sort of hatred that has been reported on CUNY campuses, as on others, that crosses the line of antisemitism.

Student-activist Fatima Mohammed’s libels about Israel, characterizing the country’s responses to attacks from without and within its territory as indiscriminate murder of innocents and asserting that Israel encourages “lynch mobs,” are textbook examples of the vilest sort of propaganda. Equally odious is her accusation that the U.S. government deserves condemnation for its imprisonment of “Palestinian political prisoners” – those convicted of terrorist activities.

We are gratified at the outpouring of outrage over Ms. Mohammed’s slander from public officials. And we hope that the exposure of this recent expression of hate to the light of day will serve to advance the cause of truth and peace.

Sadly, the CUNY campus has become a breeding ground for antisemitism, hate, and bigotry aimed at Israel and Jewish students. That CUNY Law School adopted the antisemitic BDS as a policy is indicative that these are not merely the opinions of one student but a deeper problem that CUNY needs to address. Agudath Israel calls on CUNY to denounce Ms. Mohammed’s hateful screed and to commit to creating a safe environment for its Jewish students.

Source: (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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