The Civilian Deaths – A Look At Numbers


Everywhere you turn you will see the numbers of the poor Palestinians civilian death reported in the news over and over again. The latest numbers are estimated at 274. The media seems to obsessed with the civilian death number and almost nothing else.

Let us put the number in perspective.

According to the US war on Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan- the civilian death toll is at a minimum 174,000. According to the Syrian civil war Civilian death toll is at least 109,347. The death toll of the Russian Ukrainian crisis according to estimates, is well over 500.

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Israel has been showered  recently with well over 1,000 missiles aimed at its civilian population. Over 3,000,000 citizens have been running in and out of bomb shelters. 3 Innocent civilians on their way home from school were kidnapped, tortured and murdered.

A recent poll by the ADL concluded 26% of the world’s population harbors Anti-Semitic views.

Hamas is constantly using civilians shields to protect is missiles and bases. Yesterday the UN found 20 missiles in the basement of one of their own schools in Gaza.

Loss of innocent civilians in war is tragic. There is no other Army in the world that takes such precautions to protect a civilian population in times of conflict. Israel has already executed 1,200 precision missile strikes on Hamas terror targets. The world should be asking, how is this possible? Hamas is using Human shields, forcing their own citizens to stay in their homes (so they will be in harms way) when they were warned to leave and still the civilian death toll is ONLY 274.

The world should be showering Israel with praises, this is truly an amazing feat!

Dov Blauner – The Jewish Link


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