Drunk’ Russian sailor crashes massive cargo ship into South Korean bridge

By Anna Hopkins | Fox News



A Russian cargo ship crashed into a bi-level bridge on the coast of South Korea while its captain was drunk, authorities said Thursday.

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No injuries were caused during the bizarre crash, but sections of the Gwangan Bridge in Busan were closed for precautionary purposes. It’s not illegal to consume alcohol while aboard a ship, but it is illegal to sail a ship while intoxicated.


Although it is unclear if the captain was at the helm of the Seagrand vessel during the time of the crash, the ship was going the opposite direction of its planned course, and the captain had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit, according to South Korean news outlet Yonhap.


The Seagrand also reportedly hit a cruise ship moored at a nearby port an hour before the crash.


The Korean Coast Guard said the nearly 6,000-ton cargo ship caused about a 15-foot hole in the lower portion of the Gwangan Bridge.


The captain apparently ignored radio signals from coast guards to change course, because he does not speak English well.





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