France: Muslim Man Axes Jewish Roommate’s Skull, Burns Face Off


A 34-year-old Jewish man was axed to death by his Muslim roommate before having his face burned off in a commune in north-central France, World Israel News reports.

The victim, identified as Eliahou Haddad, was living in a commune in Seine-et-Marne, the National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) said. Originally from Djerba, Tunisia, Haddad’s family now lives in Beer Sheba in southern Israel.

According to BNVCA, the murderer, identified as Baha Deridi, was owed 100 euros by Haddad, who did not pay him back. Deridi “smashed his victim’s skull with an ax, then he burned his face and even began to bury the body,” the group said in a statement.

After he was not contactable for several days, Haddad’s family started to worry about him. Family members asked Deridi if he had seen his roommate. Deridi then turned himself in to police and confessed to the murder. Deridi admitted that he had killed Haddad because he was Jewish, the statement said.

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