Germany’s Scholz visits Israel in show of solidarity

Shlomi Amsalem Ministry of Foreign AffairsForeign Minister Eli Cohen welcomed German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, who arrived in Israel today for a solidarity visit October 17, 2023

Scholz becomes first European leader of a country to visit Israel after last weeks’ terrorist attacks

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen warmly greeted German Chancellor Schulz’s arrival Tuesday, marking a visit rooted in solidarity with the Israeli people.

Schulz’s visit follows a series of high-level delegations from Germany, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who visited last week.

Scholz’s journey began with a meeting in Berlin with Jordanian King Abdullah II before departing for Israel.

During his visit, Scholz plans to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog, along with the families of German hostages held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas. He will also proceed to Egypt, the sole neighbor of Israel that shares a border with the Gaza Strip, as part of this diplomatic effort.

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Scholz expressed the significance of his visit, emphasizing the practical demonstration of solidarity with Israel. He has become the first head of government from a European country to do so after a recent terrorist attack by Hamas.

Speaking to reporters, he confirmed his intention to visit Egypt later in the week, acknowledging the pressing need for international engagement in the wake of the recent Hamas attacks. U.S. President Biden also announced his trip to Israel, and is scheduled to arrive in Israel on Wednesday.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog applauded Scholz’s visit, highlighting it as a remarkable display of solidarity, making Scholz the first European leader to extend support during this challenging time. “The fact that he is the first leader of a European country to visit us is an enormous expression of solidarity,” Herzog told the German Press Agency on Tuesday.

Source: I24News


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