Hamas Solidifies Ties with Hezbollah, Seeks to Renew Relations with Syria

Photo by Kobi Richter/TPS on 27 March, 2019

 By TPS • 27 March, 2019

The Hamas terror organization is working with the Hezbollah terror group on the renewal of the former’s relations with Syria after years of a rift between Hamas and Syria while the two terror groups have agreed to fully coordinate their action against Israel.

Hamas has previously voiced support for the rebels fighting the Assad regime, and in response, the regime shuttered Hamas’ offices in Damascus, and they moved to Turkey.

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A Hamas delegation, led by senior Hamas official Saleh Arouri, met in Beirut on Monday with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and other officials for a five-hour session to discuss the issue.

The meeting had previously been planned and postponed several times, but the US’ recognition of the Golan Heights and the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip have prompted the two terror groups to move forward on the issue.

The meeting was said to be a success and also focused on a shared Hamas-Hezbollah strategy.  They agreed that joint action is required to face the powerful Israel-US alliance, and decided to cooperate on all issues and on all fronts.

The two terror groups perceive the US’ move of its embassy to Jerusalem and its recognition of Israeli sovereignty o the Golan Heights as a strategic threat, and fear that a similar American recognition may occur in Judea and Samaria.

They further agreed that it was time for Hamas to renew its ties with Syria and that Hezbollah would utilize its ties with Iran to pressure Damascus towards the move, if need be.

Members within the Hamas, a Sunni organization, have criticized the group’s ties with Hezbollah and Iran, which is Shi’ite, but dominant voices have decided that all means are valid to counter the Israel-US alliance.

Arab sources explained that the renewed allegiance between Hamas and the Shi’ite terror group was one of the reasons Hamas was displaying such confidante while facing Israel in its latest attacks.


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