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I AM MAGEN – A 36 Hour Fundraising Campaign by Magen Am.

I AM MAGEN – A 36 Hour Fundraising Campaign by Magen Am.
We all know the threats to our communities far too well. So, we have a choice.
a) We can sit back, watch what goes on, scroll through our Whatsapp chats, talk about it at carpool drop off and around the Shabbos table.
b) Well, we can choose action.
Today, it’s time to do just that – take action. But, how? Join Magen Am and be part of Our Nation’s Shield.
– Make a donation to their campaign that is now live: https://charidy.com/MagenAm/Blauner
– Share I AM MAGEN across social media by selecting content from their ambassador toolkit.
– Set-Up a Whatsapp broadcast list and ask your friends and family for donations.
– Call and text your friends and let them know about the amazing work Magen Am is doing in our communities.
But, why? For our children. For our people. For our identity.
Magen Am is a Los-Angeles based organization dedicated to training and equipping Jewish Communities to deter and respond to security threats facing their community, so they may live and practice in peace.
Over the last 7 years, they have created a system of security that enables individuals to take responsibility for their own safety as well as their families and community. Magen Am makes a significant impact on the security and protection of the Jewish community. The only Jewish, non-profit organization licensed to provide physical, armed security services on the West Coast of the United States, Magen Am operates programs to empower communities to be protected and feel secure.
These programs are alongside a provided framework of training and an infrastructure, equipping Jewish community members to deter and respond to local threats.
Magen Am is proud of its accomplishments, but as crime and anti-Semitism have continued to skyrocket, it is more important than ever for us to come together and ensure that our communities – our neighbors, families, and children – can live in peace.
We are all Magen Am, and by showing our support, we declare that we are determined to do our part for our safety and way of life.
We have 36 Hours.
It’s time to DONATE now: https://charidy.com/MagenAm/Blauner
To learn more about Magen Am’s programs, visit their site here: https://magenam.com/


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