IDF busts Hezbollah spy infiltrating Israel from Syria, gathers information

Hezbollah spy Ai'th Abdullah (IDF Spokesperson)

Syrian national on intelligence-gathering mission nabbed by Israeli security forces, provides information about other terror operatives on border.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

A man captured by Israeli security forces last month after furtively crossing into Israel’s northern Golan Heights from Syria was engaged in an intelligence-gathering mission for the Hezbollah terror group, the IDF revealed in a statement on Monday.

Ai’th Abdullah, a Syrian national, was arrested on January 27th on the Israeli side of the Syrian-Israel border fence, along with another man. The second suspect, who has not been identified, is not believed to have been involved in spying.

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According to the IDF, Abdullah is a member of Hezbollah’s secret Syria-based unit, called the Golan File, which is specifically focused on Israel’s Golan Heights region.

“During the questioning, [Abdullah] provided information regarding additional terrorist operatives that promote terrorist activities in the area of the border,” the IDF said.

The Israeli military added that Abdullah was spotted by soldiers from the Bashan unit, also known as Division 210, who focus on border surveillance. Abdullah was detained shortly after crossing into Israel.

  According to the IDF, senior Hezbollah commander Ali Musa Daqduq created the Golan File to open an additional front against Israel from its northern border.

In September 2022, the IDF captured a Syrian national believed to be a member of the Golan File. The suspect, along with several other men who fled back towards Syria, had been spotted throwing objects at the border. Believing the objects may be explosive devices, the Israeli army shot at the group and arrested one suspect.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently gave a speech in which he referenced anti-judicial reform politicians’ incendiary statements and expressed optimism for the collapse of the Jewish State

“They talk about a civil war coming. They talk about the fact that there is no solution to the new challenges posed by the Netanyahu government except through bloodshed. A former air force commander threatened to kill Netanyahu,” Nasrallah said.

God willing, he added, Israel “will not see its 80th birthday.”

Source: World Israel News


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