IDF Opens Commando and Special Ops Training Center

Photo by IDF Spokesman on 21 July, 2019

• By Arye Green/TPS • 21 July, 2019

The IDF on Thursday inaugurated its new Commando Training Center at the Beit Lid base in the presence of high-ranking officers.

The Commando Brigade was formed three and a half years ago under the previous Chief of General Staff, Gadi Eizenkot. The Brigade incorporated commando units from various brigades across the IDF, including Rimon, Maglan, Duvdevan, and Egoz.

After a long and thorough process aimed at uniting all the training programs under one umbrella, the IDF decided to establish a dedicated training center for the Commando Brigade.

The new training center will allow for the strengthening of operational capabilities and the learning of necessary knowledge of commando warfare while maintaining the unique nature of each of the units.

The training in the new center will emphasize the operational aspects of the various potential battlefronts. The training will feature a general commando basis for all participants, as well as specialized programs for the separate units.

Kobi Heller, commander of the Commando Brigade, stated that the ceremony “marks the beginning of a new path that consists of morals, norms and much responsibility.”

“From this moment on we all bear the responsibility of creating a new generation of commanders and soldiers in the Commando Brigade. I am confident in the people standing here, trust in the awesome power of the Brigade and believe we are capable of beating the enemy in any terrain,” he added.

The Sayeret Rimon Unit operates as a dedicated, high-quality combat force that grasps the terrain in the south of the country and operates both openly and undercover.

The Duvdevan Unit is dedicated to fighting in Jude and Samaria and works to prevent terrorist activities and functions openly and undercover among the local Arab population.

The Maglan unit’s mission is to operate deep in enemy territory while focusing on attacking and destroying specific targets and gathering accurate intelligence.

Egoz specializes in fighting in complex terrains, fieldcraft, camouflage, and in short-range warfare. The unit operates in any arena and in every sector while focusing on northern Israel and the Hezbollah terror organization.

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