Israel and Austria Sign Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agreement

Photo by Dovrut Haknesset/Noam Moskowitz on 16 May, 2022
By TPS • 16 May, 2022

Jerusalem, 16 May, 2022 (TPS) — Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy and President of the National Council of Austria Wolfgang Sobotka met in the Knesset on Monday and signed an agreement for cooperation between the Israeli and Austrian parliaments.

The agreement entails cooperation between the parliaments on a variety of issues, including innovation, security strategies, and sustainability. The agreement stipulates that the parliaments will advance dialogue between the elected officials of the two countries by means of joint meetings.

During Sobotka’s visit to the Knesset, Levy said that he is “glad to announce that the ties between Israel and Austria took another step forward today, by signing an agreement between the Knesset and the National Council. This way, we will fortify the relationship between the peoples, and will contribute to strengthening the ties between the Israeli and Austrian societies.”

Addressing his guest, Levy said that said his visit “here in Jerusalem is a testimony to the strong friendship between our countries and the warm and productive relationship between our parliaments, and attests to the fact that you are a true friend of the State of Israel.”

Sobotka said in his statement to the press that the agreement “attests to the friendship between Israel and Austria and our desire to preserve it for many years to come. From a sense of historical responsibility and a desire to protect the democracy and its institutions, we will continue to battle against antisemitism, and we wish to learn from you additional ways to do so.”

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