Israeli Satellite Exposes New Iranian Weapons Depot in Syria

Iranian Missile. File Photo.

Satellite images show Iran is building new facilities at a military base in eastern Syria capable of storing advanced weapons systems, continuing its buildup against Israel.

New satellite Images reveal that Iran is building a new facility at the Imam Ali military base in eastern Syria capable of storing advanced weapons systems.

The pictures show heavy equipment at the entrance of a structure in an area where it is known the Iranian military is investing resources.

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The ayatollahs in Tehran have invested heavily not only in Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, but also in Iran’s military presence in Syria and in arming the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon to help it wage a future war against Israel. Iran also funds, arms and trains Hezbollah and used its terror forces to help put down opposition forces that are trying to topple Assad in order to gain freedom for Syrians.

Analysis of the pictures conducted by the Israeli satellite imaging company Image Sat International (ISI) showed a tunnel being built at the base that can store vehicles carrying advanced weapons systems. ISI examined other tunnels built over the past nine months on the same complex including a tunnel that was bombed in March, forcing the Iranians to abruptly stop construction.

An airstrike over the weekend that was attributed to Israel by the foreign press attacked targets near Boukamal, in the same area as the Iranian base, killing seven Iran-backed fighters, Syrian opposition sources said.

Israel has admitted to carrying out numerous strikes inside Syria to block the Iranian military and hit weapons destined for Hezbollah. Israel did not comment on the weekend raid.

Iranian military and political leaders have for years repeated that their stated goal is the “total annihilation of Israel.”

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