Israeli scientists find antibody that neutralizes coronavirus

Coronavirus Research. Source: iStock / Arutz 7 - Israelnationalnews

Israel Institute for Biological Research completes groundbreaking study proving new antibody is effective against coronavirus.

In the past two days, the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), has completed a groundbreaking scientific development, determining an antibody that neutralizes the coronavirus (SARS-COV-2), the Defense Ministry announced Tuesday evening.

This scientific breakthrough has three key parameters:

1. The antibody is monoclonal, new and refined, and contains an exceptionally low proportion of harmful proteins
2. The institute has demonstrated the ability of the antibody to neutralize the coronavirus
3. The antibody was specifically tested on the aggressive coronavirus

The Defense Ministry stated: “Based on comprehensive scientific publications from around the globe, it appears that the IIBR is the first institution to achieve a scientific breakthrough that meets all three of the aforementioned parameters simultaneously. This is a result of the institute’s great experience and the unique capabilities of its scientists.”

The IIBR is currently pursuing a patent for its development, after which it will contact international manufactures.

“It should be emphasized that this scientific achievement has the potential to progress towards a treatment for corona patients, and that it is not a vaccine for wide use. This is an important milestone, which will be followed by a series of complex tests and a process of regulatory approvals. This being said, the scientists at the institute believe that the nature of this breakthrough could lead to a shortening of the process, which could span over several months,” the Defense Ministry concluded.

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(Source: Arutz7 – Israelnationalnews)


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