Jewish Business World Unites Ahead of 2014 Parnassah Expo


One-size-fits-all usually doesn’t work too well, but Mr. Duvi Honig expresses his unequivocal confidence that one-stop-fits-all is best answer to the Jewish community’s business and career success.

Mr. Honig is the founder and director of the New Jersey based non-profit Parnassah Network organization, which is buzzing with activity in the run up to its third annual Parnassah Expo on March 25th and 26th, 2014. “The level of diversity of the individuals and corporations that are in contact with our expo office each day cannot be overstated,” Mr. Honig says. “The business world has never seen anything like this, and we all stand to benefit.”

Organizers expect the two day event, to be held in the 150,000 square foot New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, to attract as many as 10,000 attendees or more. Mr. Honig bills the 2014 Parnassah Expo as the largest general business to business event in the United States, an amazing feat for our community. He points to the unprecedented breadth of resources as the reason why entities ranging from multinational corporations to Jewish owned startups – and everything in between – have been reserving floor space and sponsorships.

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“Exhibiting at the Parnassah Expo is a most powerful advertisement – and it lets you put a live face to it,” says Ahron Richman of Jivetel Communications, whose success at the 2013 expo led him to reserve even more prominent space, along with a sponsorship, for this year’s event.

Mr. Richman will be joining hundreds of other exhibitors and sponsors, which include entities such as Investors Bank, Meridian Capital, Blackberry Wireless, Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, Eisner Amper accounting firm and others. Businesses will enjoy spacious exhibition sections, meticulously organized by industry, covering all major business industries as well as general business services. More than just the presence of so many individuals and entities of interest in the business world, Mr. Honig points out that great pains have been taken to encourage maximum interaction between attendees at the event.

There will be specially designated networking pavilions per industry for both structured and informal networking, in addition to Q & A panels and seminars from leading professionals in that industry. A large outsourcing section dedicated to commerce with other nations, particularly Israel and China, will help the expo draw a broad international group of attendees and exhibitors.

“Every entity in the business world, regardless of industry, can benefit from clients, vendors, investors, partners and others who are typically outside their easy reach,” Mr. Honig explains. “The success stories I still keep on hearing from exhibitors at our previous expos prove that when we offer people the opportunity to interact with new horizons, they can get a lot further than they ever imagined.”

Other tailor made sections that promise to broaden participation and offer unique tools include a large seminars section where top experts, executives and motivational speakers will address a cross spectrum of business and career topics; a 25,000 square foot section for career, education and human resources; a food court section highlighting many dairy, meat and pareve products; and a “Women in the Workforce” section offering women tools to thrive both at home and in the business world.

One new-for-2014 section that has elicited particular interest is the dealmaking section, which is designed to serve as a marketplace for investors and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and investment preferences, and help them launch new ventures, sell existing ones or take them to the next level.

The unprecedented size and scope of the 2014 expo is made all the more remarkable considering that the event is merely its third year, and this year’s event is more than twice the size of last year’s. Yet, its organizers and partners seem determined to avoid letting conventional wisdom or anything else get in the way of their dreams. “Partnering with Parnassah Expo and Duvi Honig’s passion to help others is one of the best things Investors has ever been associated with,” says Mr. Kevin Cummings, CEO of Investors Bank, a cosponsor and exhibitor at the 2014 expo.

For more information, or to reserve a booth or sponsorship, please visit, email or call 855-PAR-EXPO.

By: Shimmy Blum


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