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About ten years ago Rabbi and Mrs. Yeruchem and Nechama Eilfort noticed an up-tick in calls from Kosher observant tourists coming to San Diego. After receiving hundreds of calls from travelers looking for Kosher places to eat and hotels within easy walking distance of a shul the Eilforts decided to take action.

It was at that point that they started running Barbecue Bounty, an ‘all-you-can eat’ barbecue at their shul, Chabad at La Costa. Since that time the number of visitors has skyrocketed and so the menu of Kosher offerings has been expanded. This year, for the remainder of the summer between through Labor Day Weekend there will be not only Barbecue Bounty on Sundays (5-8pm), but also Steak Night on Thursdays (6-9pm).

Early in the process it was decided to go with a one price model, so that guests do not feel as though they are being nickeled and dimed. Because the majority of the workers are volunteers and everything is made fresh, in house, the prices are extremely reasonable as well. The volunteer team is led by Sheila Lebovitz, who brings a life-time of experience with her. Sheila has been in the restaurant business for decades and ran the successful Sheila’s Kosher Café in San Diego for years.

The menu for the Barbecue Bounty includes Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Barbecue Wings, (extremely spicy) Hot Wings, French Fries, Mexican style Corn on the Grill, a full Salad Bar, Soft Drinks, and assorted Desserts. As an added treat there is Cotton Candy and Snow Cones for the children. Also for the children is a bounce house and play area, so the parents have the chance to relax a bit and enjoy their meal.

While Barbecue Bounty is served buffet or ranch style, Steak Night is served on linen tablecloths, with china, silverware, and candlelit. The location of the shul, overlooking the Batiquitos Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean, and in the tasteful elegance of the breezeway of the new building, makes the atmosphere perfect for a quiet date night. The shul is perfectly located to benefit from fresh ocean breezes and in fact is typically 15 to 20 degrees cooler than Los Angeles and the air is always clean. Reservations are encouraged to the extent that those who reserve and pay in advance receive a significant discount.

Chabad at La Costa is also proud to provide meals to go for those who want anything from a boxed lunch to a full dinner. Shabbos meals are also available. The shul has a full Kiddush every Shabbos for which there is no charge. Orders for catered meals should be made 48 hours in advance.

A big part of serving the Kosher traveler involves a unique partnership Chabad enjoys with the Omni La Costa Resort, which is directly adjacent to the shul.

In fact the Resort’s service entrance shares a driveway with Chabad. It is a pleasant seven minute stroll from the luxurious hotel to the shul. The resorts boasts two championship golf courses, dozens of tennis courts, a world famous health spa, walking trails, numerous pools and water slides, and an ambiance like a quaint Spanish Village. Guests enjoy significant discounts when using the Chabad code to book their rooms. More information on this opportunity can be found by following this link:

Further information about any of Chabad’s offerings can be found by calling 760-943-8891 or on the website;

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