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Mendi Baron – Knowing When You Need Help for Anxiety

Mendi Baron – Knowing When You Need Help for Anxiety

Everybody has anxiety from time to time, it’s important to have the instinct of fear as a human being, but many can needlessly suffer from anxiety when they don’t need to. So when do you know you need help for anxiety and are not just going through a stressful time? And indeed, as Self puts it, “Figuring out how serious your anxiety is can be tough because anxiety is a normal and essential part of being a human.”

First sign is when you feel the threat of danger when there’s nothing threatening there. (Often times anxiety is defined as fear without an object.) A key sign to get help is when it affects and interferes too much with your daily life. A great phrase this article uses: “When your world starts to become limited because of anxiety…What is it doing to your life, your relationships, your sleep, your health…”

Another key is when anxiety causes procrastination and avoidance. Are you missing hanging out with friends because of your nerves? Is anxiety over your bills causing you to delay paying for them? Are you losing sleep with fear? Also pay attention to feeling angry and irritable, or fatigued, because anxiety can usurp a lot of your energy. As one source puts it, “The physical reaction to anxiety, by nature, is supposed to be short-term. The body is supposed to come back down to baseline. But a prolonged period of anxiety depletes your resources and exhausts you.”

This report states that “anxiety is the most prevalent mental illness in the United States,” which shows that many, many people have it, and there’s no shame in getting help for it. As a source tells Self, “If your anxiety is bothering you and you are suffering, you deserve to get help.”


Mendi is a passionate advocate for teens and young adults in the fields of mental health and addiction. Baron creates programs to bring a unique approach to the treatment of adolescents and young adults who are struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders and substance abuse issues. Clinically trained, Baron earned a BA with honors in psychology and social work at the University of Maryland and an MSW at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. His extensive experience as a therapist includes individual and group counseling for children, adolescents, and families in various settings.  Gaining insight and experience, he has worked at several treatment centers including the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development, the Carroll County Youth Services Bureau, Chabad Crisis Centers, and the Center for Discovery and Adolescent Change.

Before launching Ignite Teen Treatment, Mendi conceived and built, from the ground up, multiple successful, high end adolescent residential and outpatient programs in Los Angeles. Mendi has appeared on the Dr. Phil show, is regularly featured in mental health and addiction publications, and speaks around the country in person and on Tv/Radio on these topics. With his newest ventures, Mendi instills a rare blend of energy, creativity, and experience to the treatment of teens, young adults, and their families struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The son of a Rabbi, eldest of 11 children, is a part-time rock musician, boxer, cantor, and father of three.

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