A revolutionary campaign under the title “Mezuzah Week in Tel Aviv” has recently been launched by the Central Chabad of Tel Aviv, where residents will be able to check the mezuzahs of their homes free of charge and purchase kosher mezuzahs if theirs are not.

A bus in Tel Aviv with a Chabad “Mezuzah Week” campaign ad.

As part of the campaign, huge advertisements have been placed on buses in Gush Dan, via social media and in the mail for hundreds of thousands of metro-area residents.

More than 35 Chabad centers throughout the city and its neighborhoods are participating. Homeowners can approach the nearest outpost, mezuzahs in hand, for free inspection with a certified scribe. They can also purchase new mezuzahs with a subsidy of 25 percent off the price.

Already, one day after the start of the campaign, Chabad reported a “flood” of calls to the special center set up by Central Chabad for residents who want to have their mezuzahs checked and/or order new ones at the special price.

“No Jew will not be left behind,” goes the campaign. “Everyone can participate in the spiritual revolution of Tel Aviv.”