Muslims Again Desecrate Yosef’s Tomb in Shechem

Jews praying at the Tomb of Joseph near Shechem (Nablus). Samaria, Jul 6, 2021. Photo by Roee Oz/TPS
By Aryeh Savir/TPS • 11 April, 2022

Jerusalem, 11 April, 2022 (TPS) — Muslim rioters again entered Yosef’s Tomb in Shechem (Nablus) on Monday morning and desecrated the shrine, a Jewish prayer site.

Footage of the incident seen by TPS shows the rioters throwing rocks inside the complex while shouting disparaging calls.

This incident occurred just hours after two Israeli men who were on their way to visit Yosef’s Tomb on Sunday night were shot and injured, apparently by the Palestinian Authority (PA) police.

IDF forces provided the wounded with medical treatment on the spot, after which they were evacuated to for medical treatment at a hospital. One is in moderate condition with a gunshot wound to his shoulder, and the other sustained light injuries to his leg.

A group of some 100 Muslim rioters attacked Yosef’s Tomb on Saturday night and caused massive damage to the building. After throwing rocks at the complex, the rioters set fire to the building, broke the grave marker, and destroyed property. The PA’s police subsequently turned the rioters away.

In the meantime, a group of Knesset members are saying they will visit the holy site, in the city controlled by the PA, with or without the IDF’s permission.

The Land of Israel Lobby at Knesset, headed by Members of Knesset Yoav Kish and Orit Strook, submitted an official request to the IDF to visit the site after its desecration. The IDF turned down the request without providing a reason or offering an alternative date, as required by law.

Kish and Strook stated Monday that the IDF’s denial of their request is “contrary to the provisions of legal consul, restricting the freedom of activity of Knesset members with immunity, and harming the performance of our role as elected officials.”

“The fact that Jews are restricted from entering a place that should be under full Israeli military and civilian control is a disgrace. If we do not receive an alternative date for the next few days, we intend to enter Yosef’s tomb tonight with or without permission,” they warned.

When Jewish worshippers enter the site, they are routinely attacked by Arab rioters. The entry into Shechem, under PA control, occurs several times a year, usually around Jewish holidays. The prayers take place only during the night and under heavy security provided by the Israeli forces.

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