Netanyahu Warns: Anyone who attacks us will suffer seven-fold

Photo by Hillel Maeir/TPS on March 13, 2018

Netanyahu Warns: Anyone who attacks us will suffer seven-fold

Written by TPS on May 10, 2018

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday evening that Iran had crossed a “red line” in Syria, and warned that Israel would continue to attack Iranian targets in Syria before they can attack Israel. 

In his first comments since Iranian Quds Force units fired 20 missiles at Israel late last night, Netanyahu said the IDF’s large-scale response to the rocket fire was a “clear message” to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad: “We are focusing (our military operations) on Iranian forces in Syria. But if the Syrian army acts against us, we will respond. That’s what happened last night: Syrian anti-aircraft batteries fired surface-to-air missiles at (our aircraft), so we hit them.   

The premier added that the military campaign against Iran would continue in pursuit of what Netanyahu said was clear and consistent Israeli policy: “We will not allow Iran to establish itself militarily in Syria.”

“Thanks to our forces defensive and offensive preparedness, Iran’s plan failed.Not one rocket that was fired landed in Israeli territory. We are proud of the IDF and have faith in the IDF,” Netanyahu added.

Netanyahu also called on the international community to prevent the Quds Force from becoming entrenching in Syria. “We must band together in order to sever the tentacles of evil that are spreading there, and everywhere.

“I repeat: Anyone who attacks us will suffer seven-fold,” Netanyahu added.

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