ORLANDO INSANITY: Double Booking Nightmare Continues; People Finding Out Two Days Before Pesach

Illustrative: Orlando sign. (Yeshiva World).

Two days ago YWN published an article about many people who booked homes in Orlando for Pesach only to have their homes cancelled or double booked.

Some people – including one website – accused YWN of fear-mongering, over-playing and exaggerating the situation on how many people were actually double-booked. One website – known for publishing fake news for years – went so far as to publish a story headlined “rumors of widespread cancellations false”.

Strangely, but not surprisingly, this website then ran an article a day later advising people of recourses. We can now report that the amount of cancellations are exactly as we originally reported – and possibly worse. YWN has been inundated with email after email sent by victims of double-bookings and nightmarish situations.

In fact, late Wednesday midnight, YWN was still receiving emails from people who were learning of their cancelations when arriving at their homes just two days before Yom Tov!

The following are just four of the latest cases, some of them simply heartbreaking – as people arrived after driving 20 hours to find out that another family was in their home.

The following emails sent to YWN have not been edited in any way, and are being published exactly as YWN has received them:

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I am a family with 6 children and literally just pulled into my rented house driveway 15 minutes ago in Orlando (after a 19 hour drive) and our boxes which were delivered by a truck, were in a pile outside — and another family was living inside the house!”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “We just drove 20 hrs and got here and we’re shocked to find out our house was “double booked. We have been in contact with the company for weeks and they did not mention a thing. We literally pulled in and asked for the house code and we’re told I’m sorry your reservation no longer exists. This is truly a disaster for us.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “My children flew in from Israel to be in Orlando and we booked tickets to be with her. We haven’t seen them in a year and half. Our home was confirmed, airlines tickets car rental food was ordered. Two weeks later our villa was cancelled saying credit card invalid. There was already a charge put through….”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I got scammed. Booked in January, just got cancelled today. Booked via VRBO, property #8123377ha, Host name Kevin Henry, Booked January 6th, Canceled March 23rd.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I booked a house on Airbnb. When I heard about the double booking, I told my cousin who was there already to check and to make sure the house empty. When he got to the house some was there already for month. I tried to contact the host but they did not answer my messages. I called airbnb and they credit me back, but in the mean time my packages were on the way there. And we are stuck.”

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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