Police Uncovers Whatsapp Group used by Lion’s Gate Terrorist

Stabbing Attack, Lion’s Gate, Jerusalem 14.12.16

Police Uncovers Whatsapp Group used by Lion’s Gate Terrorist

Written by Ilana Messika/TPS on March 19, 2017

As part of the investigation into the stabbing attack at Lion’s Gate last week,  the Israel Police uncovered a Whatsapp group involved in significantly supporting the terrorist responsible for the attack which injured two Border Police officers.  A total of 18 people, mainly residents of East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, were arrested on suspicions of conspiracy to commit a crime. Among the arrested were the founder of the group and the administrators.

The group, called “The Way to Heaven”,  was established primarily for the transfer and exchange of religious content among its members. The investigation revealed that the members of the group had importantly strengthened the connection of the terrorist to its religion during the period leading to the attack. The Police emphasized that the discovery of the group, and analysis of its contents and influence represents a crucial element in the investigation of the stabbing attack.

Accordingly, the investigation and arrest of the group members will also prevent and disrupt the intentions of others planning on following in the footsteps of the terrorist to implement attempts and perpetrate attacks.

On Sunday, all the suspects were brought before the court which once again extended the arrest of 10 suspects until Monday, while the rest were released on conditions.

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