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Rafael Reveals ‘Sea Breaker’- New Precision-Guided Missile System

Rafael Reveals ‘Sea Breaker’- New Precision-Guided Missile System

Israeli weapons company Rafael revealed Wednesday a new precision-guided missile system which has been developed by
the company named “Sea Breaker”.

Sea Breaker is a precision-guided, long-range, autonomous missile system allowing operator intervention at any stage. The system utilizes Rafael’s wide range of technological innovations such as electro-optics, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence and decision-making.

Addressing the complex challenges of modern warfare, Sea Breaker delivers pinpoint strikes from stand-off ranges of up to 300 km against high-value maritime and land targets.

Sea Breaker features an advanced IIR (Imaging Infra-Red) seeker, ideal for engagement of stationary or moving targets in all weather conditions. The missile can engage ships both in littoral (close to shore) and blue (deep sea) waters and also in archipelago environments. It can be launched from a range of naval platforms ? from fast attack boats to corvettes and frigates.

The land version, designed for shore defense, is based on Rafael’s highly-mobile Spyder launchers. Sea Breaker enables selective hits, controlled damage and reduced collateral damage.

Sea Breaker’s mission profile enables sea-skimming and terrain-following low-level flight above ground, enabling a precise, surprise attack of a target. The system provides automated mission planning, Automatic Target Recognition and Acquisition, as well as multi-directional, synchronized, full sphere attack capability.

The guidance system utilizes deep-learning and AI algorithms. Data Link communication enables man-in-the-loop, mission updates and abort capabilities, and supports Battle Damage Assessment (BDA).

The system’s powerful penetration, blast and fragmentation warhead, combined with pin-point accuracy, enables to neutralize a frigate-sized ship with a single hit and destroy high-value land targets.



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