South Carolina beach targeted with antisemitic flyers

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White supremacist propaganda leaflets attacking Jews dropped on lawns of small beach town during the night.

A white supremacist group targeted a small South Carolina beach town with antisemitic flyers on Sunday which resembled those distributed in other locations across the United States over the last two years.

Police in Surfside Beach, South Carolina opened an investigation into the incident after the hate pamphlets in plastic bags weighed down with rice were found on laws early Sunday morning, WPDE reported.

“The Police Department is aware of shameful acts committed by persons distributing antisemitic propaganda around town during the early morning hours this morning. Officers have been around town trying to remove it from your yards. We are looking into the matter and gathering facts,” local police said in a social media statement.

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“The Town of Surfside Beach is ‘The Family Beach,’ welcoming all people to our community. We do not condone this behavior in any way,” the police added.

Similar antisemitic propaganda flyers in plastic bags weighed down with rice have been found in dozens of locations across the United States in the last two years, with some of the incidents occurring during Jewish holidays.

Flyers were also found in early May in nearby Murrels Inlet, in that case with hard candies placed in the bags to keep them from blowing away.

Police said that they believe the flyers were delivered at around 2:30 a.m. by vehicle.

Source: Arutz 7



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