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Support Emek Kosher Comics for Kids by Kids

The Jewish Innovation It's hard to believe, but there are almost NO Jewish comics for children on Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world. Our...

Emek’s Trustee Dinner Raises over $400,000!

The proverbial “It takes a village” aptly describes the efforts that were invested into our magnificent 53rd Annual Trustee Dinner. First and foremost, the...

Emek’s Learning League completes 9th Season

Emek's motzei Shabbos, father/son Learning League's 9th season came to a close this past Sunday. This season was very successful with 120 boys and their fathers...

“Are you Smarter than a Middle Schooler?”

The 2nd annual "Are you Smarter than a Middle Schooler?" program, run by Mrs. Tova Bayever and hosted by Rabbi Dovid Morris, was a...

Emek Family Fun Bowling Day

January 1st this year signaled a special day on the Emek school calendar.  Our very first “Family Fun Bowling Day” transpired at the Matador Bowl...

Rabbi David Yosef, Shlita, Visits Emek

The children of Emek Hebrew Academy had the merit to be visited by the great rabbi, Rav David Yosef, shlita, son of Rabbi Ovadia...
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