Temple Mount Reopened to Jews After 20-Day Closure

Photo by Maayan Beraby/TPS on 23 May, 2021
 By Aryeh Savir/TPS • 23 May, 2021
Jerusalem, 23 May, 2021 (TPS) — The Temple Mount was reopened to Jewish visitors on Sunday after it was closed to them 20 days.

Israel readmitted Jews to the Temple Mount after a ceasefire brought Operation Guardian of the Walls to an end early on Friday morning after 11 days of warfare.

Israel shut down the Temple Mount even before Hamas launched its attack on Israel saying that it stoked tensions and enraged the Muslims.

Muslims rioted on the Temple Mount on Friday even after the latest war in Gaza ended and even though there were no Jews on site. Ten rioters were arrested.

The Temple Mount Visits Administration called on Israel to “neutralize the focal point of the outbreak of terrorism” and transfer the control of the mosques on the Temple Mount from Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to Saudi Arabia or “any other peace-seeking country.”

Some 1,130 Jews prayed on the Temple Mount in the Jewish month of Iyar, which roughly corresponded with most of May and the beginning of June. The Temple Mount was accessible to Jews for only 15 days, for 60 of the 696 hours of the month, less than 9% of the total month.

However, this number of visits consists of a 22% increase in the number of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, compared to their number in this time period two years ago.

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