The 4 Main issues of Lubavtich today! (Inner Community/unzereh)


1. Our Rabbis:

We have two separate Beis Dins and in general our Rabbis are in a state of war with each other. If our Rabbis can not keep the basic fundamentals of Torah (Ahavas Yisroel etc.) How can you expect our youth to trust them, respect them etc.

2. Judgments:

Our Chabad Shluchim world wide do an amazing job loving every Yidno matter who they are! In our own community and Mosdos, the second someone doesn’t fit the mold perfectly we give them labels and spew hate towards them (just read all the comments on COL lately). In some of our very own Mosdos, many of our educators believe they have this Neshama for the next 4 years and they will crush them into subservience. The reality is one day, every Neshama will choose if Yidishkeit will be their path. Our goal should be to shower every Neshama with Love, especially the ones that don’t fit the mold perfectly. When the 5th year comes and they are on their own they have a love and embrace their Yidishkeit instead of running away from it!

3. Parnasa:

One of the hardest challenges for all young adults is figuring out what they will do for Parnasa. (Shluchis spots are far and few between: Merkaz is trying to create new programs within existing locations but this is far from the answer) A Mochon L’parnassa needs to be created. A place for after Smicha/Seminary or after Kollel etc. A place that supports a Chassideshe environment. A place where they can learn an array of fields which would enable them support their family. A place that is backed by our community without any stigma!

4. Tuition:

The average Young parent struggling to stay afloat can not be expected to pay the current tuition rates. The sad reality is our families are getting smaller and smaller because of this issue. In the 80’s the was no such thing of not letting a child receive a Chinuch bc a family was unable to afford it. Money was raised! There needs to be a monthly Chinuch fund from our elder generation who are no longer struggling to stay afloat. This fund would be able to lower tuition rates across the board. There are good examples of this already in place in Chicago. There should be no greater pleasure then knowing I donated money to a Mosod, and there is a child receiving a Chinuch bc of me. Can anyone in Chinuch honestly say they would walk in front of the Rebbe and say this child does not deserve an education bc they cannot afford the tuition. To drive by a public school and see how many Frum children are being educated there is massive stain on our generation!

Lubavitch comes from the word Luba/ Love! Chassidim comes from the word Chesed/Kindness. We need to once again internalize what this means and not just wear the levushim! The inner hatred/judgments towards each-other needs to disappear quickly.

We are responsible for our community, and every single one of these issues can be fixed, we just have to be real and stop playing the blame game!


  1. The most Toichendik article I have read to date. The Author hit many nails on the head. Very much what I have been saying for a while. Author – if you are reading this comment – please ask the publishers of this Website to give you my email. I would like to stay in contact with you and discuss possible solutions.

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