The world’s largest musical mezuzah

The world's largest mezuzah, Jerusalem

The world’s largest musical mezuzah

On the roof of Yeshivas Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem sits the world’s largest mezuzah: almost two meters tall and roughly 200 kilograms in weight; it can be seen from afar thanks to dozens of LED screens and pyrotechnic display.

After their last project was stolen, about a month and a half ago, David Roytman and his collegues did not give up and set out to build the world’s largest mezuzah. Last weekend their creation was inaugurated in an impressive ceremony in Jerusalem.

The piece is almost two meters tall and roughly 200 kilograms in weight. It was placed in one of the holiest locations in the world—on the rooftop of Yesh A’Torah Yeshiva, near the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.

The world’s largest mezuzah, Jerusalem

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The mezuzah is a complete pyrotechnical show. It includes a lighting show with dozens of flickering LED screens, and it can even sing “Jerusalem of Gold” (performed by Shuli Natan).


“The klaf (a piece of parchment inscribed with specific Hebrew verses) will soon be inserted into the mezuza,” promised Roytman, a native of Odessa who became religious in Soviet Ukraine. He immigrated to Israel without his parents when he was 11-year-old, as part of the Chernobyl Children’s Project. In Israel, the designer continued his studies in a yeshiva until his enlistment in the IDF.

Source: YNET


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