Third Terrorist Attack Within Three Hours Ends in Light Injury

Vehicular Attack in Adam, 24.12.15 MDA paramedics arrive at the scene of the car ramming attack. Photo by Shalom Tzubeiri/TPS on December 24, 2015

Third Terrorist Attack Within Three Hours Ends in Light Injury

Written by Michael Zeff/TPS on December 24, 2015

Binyamin (TPS) –  In what was the third terrorist attack on Thursday, December 24, a young man in his 20s sustained light injury after being hit by a car.

According to witnesses on the scene, shortly before 12:00 AM, a Palestinian driver ran his car into a crowd of pedestrians, which included civilians, policemen and IDF soldiers. The vehicular attack happened near Adam, a Jewish community north of Jerusalem.

The IDF spokesperson confirmed that this was not a car accident but a deliberate terrorist attack. “This was an attempt to carry out a deadly attack on Israeli security service men. The terrorist was shot in his car and stopped,” related the spokesperson.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics arrived on the scene and treated the victim, as well as the attacker, in collaboration with with IDF army medics.

According to the IDF, the terrorist was pronounced dead by a medical officer despite the efforts of paramedics to stabilize him. The victim is conscious, stable and in light condition having suffered most of the damage to his hand. According to MDA, he will not need to be hospitalized.

“This is a sensitive area, in which many terrorist attacks occurred in the past. Miraculously and luckily most attacks result in injury and none end in fatalities. Sometimes there no victims at all,” said a Binyamin security official to TPS.

“The men and women of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council’s security department together with IDF, Israeli Police and MDA are ready for any security scenario and are prepared to protect civilians with their bodies,” the security official added.

Earlier this morning, two civilian security guards sustained serious injury in a stabbing attack in the central Israeli city of Ariel, followed shortly by another stabbing attempt by a Palestinain assailant against a young Israeli in the Har Hevron Regional Council, south of Jerusalem.

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