Thousands Stranded in Orlando After Post-Pesach Flights Were Cancelled


Thousands of Jews who spent the Yom Tov of Pesach in Orlando, Florida are now stuck after their flights back to the tri-state area and elsewhere were cancelled. spoke to several families in this predicament, and they are scrambling to find replacement flights in order to get back home as soon as possible.

JetBlue and Frontier are just two of the airlines that have cancelled flights, ostensibly due to staffing shortages.

Some passengers have been able to get on other flights for today or tonight, paying a fortune for the tickets. One person we spoke to paid $899 for a JetBlue flight tonight to Newark Liberty International Airport. A second family paid over $750 per ticket for a flight that will include a stopover. Some families are renting vehicles and driving the 15+ hours back home.

As reported previously on, as many as 80,000 Jews spent Pesach in Orlando. Most of these people have no relatives in Orlando or any particular connection to the city, but joined the tens of thousands who make the pilgrimage to Central Florida for Pesach.

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