UMAN INSANITY: Hundreds Of Breslovers Camping Out At Ukrainian Border, Red Cross Bringing Blankets And Food

Young Child Sleeping At The Ukrainian Border. (Yeshiva World News).

There is an ongoing humanitarian crisis at the Belarus / Ukrainian border, which has since turned into a potentially serious situation.

Despite being told they would not be allowed into Ukraine to travel to Uman, there are hundreds of Breslover Chassidim at the borders, demanding entry.

Most arrived at the border on Monday morning, and passed the day with singing and dancing – as border police prevented the group from crossing into Ukraine. As the day passed, most ran out of food, and the crisis grew.

There are many children in the group – some as young as 4 years old – all without food and sleeping on the ground, shivering in the cold.

Late at night the Red Cross arrived at the border, where they brought the group food, hot drinks and blankets.

It is unknown how this situation will end, but there are Askanim in Israel and the United States working on it.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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