VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Fight Hezbollah Terrorists in Lifelike Simulation


Prepared to face any situation, IDF forces are training to defend the northern border against Hezbollah. This exclusive video of an IDF simulation shows how Israeli soldiers would confront Hezbollah terrorists in battle.

Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based terrorist organization, continues to arm itself with long-range missiles and other weapons capable of striking any part of Israel.  More than ever, IDF forces are focused on Hezbollah’s advancing capabilities, developing sophisticated methods to stop its terror. In this exclusive video, the elite Combat Engineering Battalion 601 simulates the takeover of a Hezbollah position. The footage provides a rare glimpse into the IDF’s advanced training to confront the Hezbollah threat.

ince the end of the 2006 Second Lebanon War, calm has prevailed along the northern border, but Hezbollah’s size and strength have grown dramatically. At any moment, Hezbollah could attack Israel, and IDF soldiers must be prepared to counter its terrorists. With support from Iran, tens of thousands of Hezbollah terrorists are training every day in Lebanon.

With these threats on the horizon, the IDF’s combat engineers participated in a lifelike simulation of combat scenarios in the border area. The simulation prepared soldiers for the moment of truth against Hezbollah, simulating the takeover of a terrorist stronghold and an attempt to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

“The best way to maintain our readiness and remain sharp is to train,” said the battalion’s commander, Lt. Col. Yanai Manor. “We try as much as possible to simulate events that could occur in reality.”


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