Why Orthodoxy is growing? By Dennis Prager


As almost every Jew knows by now, according to major reports on American Jewry — such as the most recent and most highly regarded Pew report — Orthodoxy is growing, while Conservative and Reform Judaism are shrinking.

Before presenting my explanations, I think it important to note that I have no denominational ax to grind. I was raised Orthodox, and went to yeshivas through the end of high school. But I left Orthodoxy early in life and have always been involved in Jewish life — Conservative, Reform, Orthodox, Chabad, Jewish federations and writing for Jewish publications.

In a nutshell, I wish all Jewish endeavors well.

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I believe that Orthodoxy is prevailing and that the non-Orthodox denominations are diminishing for the following reasons:

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By Dennis Prager

Courtesy of the Jewishjournal.com


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