Women Hatzalah Service ‘Ezras Nashim’ Launches in Brooklyn


Women helping women in Brooklyn: an all-female crew of Orthodox Jewish emergency medical technicians will hit the streets Tuesday to provide a much-needed service in the community.

Rachel Freier says it was a struggle, but the all-women’s Orthodox EMT corps is now a reality. Ezras Nashim EMT Service will cover Borough Park, Brooklyn. The idea was to serve Hasidic women who are uncomfortable with Hasidic male EMTs when they’re in a physically vulnerable position such as child birth.

All of the women are certified EMTs as well as having other certifications. Member Melanie Kail is even a volunteer firefighter in Woodmere, Long Island.

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The organization also has what they call a fly car. Some women don’t have cars so if you’re the EMT who is on call you get a car equipped with an air horn and lights. The EMT can drive to the emergency to meet up with a private ambulance company that Ezras Nashim has a contract with to transport patients.

So far, this all-female Orthodox EMT corps has about 40 medics. It hopes to expand to other towns, cities, and even Israel.


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