Youtube Suspends Account of Podcaster who said he hopes Ben Shapiro “Gets Gassed First” in Holocaust


(VINnews) — Youtube has suspended the account of leftist Ethan Klein’s podcast, and the video in which Klein said he would like to see Ben Shapiro “gassed first” has been deleted.

In the video, Klein said, “If there’s another Holocaust and people start rounding up the Jews again I hope Ben [Shapiro] gets gassed first. Or last. Do you think it would be more justice if he got first or last?”

Even after being suspended by woke Youtube, Klein refused to apologize or retract his disgraceful comments. Instead he doubled down and claimed that Shapiro, whom he called a “useful idiot”, is enabling anti semitism. He also called his vicious comments a “joke.”

He said, “The joke that I was suspended for simply points out that Ben, who is desperate to be accepted by his Christian nationalist friends as white, will only ever be seen by them as a useful idiot, and sadly for him, a Jew.”

Shapiro, on the other hand, took they high road when he responded to Klein’s remarks on Thursday, saying that “If there were another Holocaust, I would hope that Ethan and his family escaped. But maybe that’s just me.”

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“Soft-pedaling genocidal terror group Hamas and lying about the IDF while chortling over which Jews go first in the next Holocaust is also an interesting look,” Shapiro also said in response to the video.

Source: VosIzNeias


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