Germany brings hammer down on neo-Nazi Hammerskins group

German police officer. Credit: Heiko Barth/Shutterstock.

Police raid homes of 28 leaders across 10 states • Government bans the organization.

According to Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, law-enforcement searches at the homes of white supremacists involved in an international racist militant movement yielded “significant amounts of right-wing extremist devotional objects.”

On Tuesday, Germany banned Hammerskins Germany—an offshoot of the American neo-Nazi organization Hammerskin Nation founded in Texas in 1988—and began investigations into the group’s leadership. While 28 homes were examined, it is unclear if any arrests were made.

“The ban of Hammerskins Germany is a hard blow against organized right-wing extremism,” said Faeser.

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The group includes 130 people and often utilizes concerts to spread its ideology. Part of the skinhead movement, it is believed to be a leading entity in Europe’s far-right activity.

The Anti-Defamation League describes participation as “almost exclusively young white males inclined to violence.”

Hammerskins Germany has been active in the country since the 1990s.

Source: JNS


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