Netanyahu Orders Terrorists’ Village Blockaded and Revokes Entry Permits


Netanyahu Orders Terrorists’ Village Blockaded and Revokes Entry Permits

Written by Jonathan Benedek/TPS on June 09, 2016

Tel Aviv (TPS) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a series of restrictions on Palestinians in a meeting on Thursday with the security cabinet in Tel Aviv after Wednesday night’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv that killed 4 Israelis and wounded several others.

Netanyahu ordered a full blockade imposed on the village of Yatta, a Palestinian village just south of Hebron where the two terrorists, cousins Khaled Muhammed Musa Mkhamra and Muhammed Ahmed Mkhamra, were residents.

Additionally, work permits and visitation permits for Ramadan have been denied to members of the Mkhamra’s Palestinian clan. Tens of thousands of entry permits issued to other Palestinians for Ramadan were revoked.

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After returning from Moscow last night, Netanyahu already held an emergency meeting at IDF headquarters near the scene of the attack

“We held a meeting and discussed defensive and offensive measures to be taken as we handle this incident. It is certainly a challenge, one we are ready to respond to,” Netanyahu said. “Police will be taking vigorous action. We are in the midst of a difficult time. We will act firmly and wisely.”


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