New Chabad Haggadah becomes No. 1 bestselling Jewish book on Amazon

The Chabad Haggadah. (Photo: Vosizneias)

The Passover Haggadah has seen more editions than any other Jewish book in history.

Still, the recently released Haggadah, which is faithful to tradition, has already set a new standard for the times.

Written and designed by the staff, it was created in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as so many were suddenly tasked with making seders for the first time, and with many Jews still homebound and planning to hold Passover alone or just with immediate family.

The illustrated Haggadah provides extensive notes about the seder and an easy-to-understand English translation with commentary.

It is available in PDF format for free downloading and printing in advance of Passover, which is celebrated this year from Saturday night, March 27 through Sunday, April 4.

Since its launch mid-month, the softcover holiday text has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times, and become the No. 1 bestselling Haggadah and No. 1 bestselling Jewish book on Amazon.

“The response has been tremendous—well beyond what we anticipated,” says Rabbi Motti Seligson, associate director of, who led the design concept of the Haggadah. “It seems that this Haggadah is exactly what so many were waiting for to help guide their Passover seder and make it that much more meaningful.”

Plans are in the works for an upgraded, hardcover version to be released in 2022.

(Vosizneias / JNS).

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