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Israel’s Underground Anti-Tunnel Barrier Passes Crucial Test

Israel’s underground anti-tunnel barrier and detection system passed an important test this week when the Israel Defense Forces announced that for the first time,...

David Friedman, Lindsey Graham tour Hamas terror tunnel

US Ambassador joins Senator Lindsey Graham in Hamas terror tunnel along Israeli border with Gaza.      US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman joined Senator Lindsey...

IDF Reveals: Second Hezbollah Terror Tunnel Discovered

IDF Reveals: Second Hezbollah Terror Tunnel Discovered By Dov Benovadia Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 5:36 pm YERUSHALAYIM - Five days after the beginning of Operation Northern Defense, the...

WATCH: New Hezbollah terror tunnel discovered in Israeli farmer’s orchard

0     The IDF exposed another Hezbollah terror tunnel, which reached all the way into an Israeli apple orchard, a mere 200 meters from Israel’s border...

Hamas ‘Terror Tunnel’ Chief Defected to Israel

Hamas ‘Terror Tunnel’ Chief Defected to Israel, Palestinian Sources Say Written by Michael Zeff/TPS on June 15, 2016 Several Palestinian news sources have reported that a...