World’s largest menorah erected in Manhattan

Itzik Roitman - World's Largest Menorah in Manhattan

32-foot, 4,000 pound menorah to be lit on 5th Avenue every night of Hanukkah.


The world’s largest menorah was erected near Central Park in Manhattan on Friday ahead of the Hanukkah holiday, which begins and sundown tonight.

The 32-foot-tall, 4,000-pound menorah was placed on 5th Avenue and 59th street, near the famous Plaza Hotel. It was designed by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam.

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The menorah uses real oil lamps and will be lit each night by the Lubavitch Youth Organization.

The design was approved by the late Lubavitcher Rebbe when a smaller version of it was presented to him. After receiving the Rebbe’s personal approval, the menorah was built to a size of twenty cubits, the maximum size allowed according to Jewish law.

“The Rebbe loved this lamp and chose it to be the largest in the world,” said designer Yaakov Agam. Over the years, many dignitaries have come to light the menorah, among them the mayors of New York City and other senior officials.

Rabbi Shmuel M. Butman, the director of the Lubavitch Youth Organization, said: “When faced with darkness and hatred, the light of the menorah serves as a symbol of strength and inspiration, democracy and freedom for all people, delivering a timely and poignant message to each person on an individual basis.”


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